T&L Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement

Teaching Development Grants

The University’s Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) Scheme, supported by funding from the University Grants Committee as well as internal earmarked funding, underlines the University's commitment to furthering its mission in Teaching and Learning. The TDGs are intended to encourage the adoption of innovative approaches to teaching and the enrichment of the learning environment, and to support initiatives and activities with strategic and systemic impact on enhancing Teaching and Learning at the University. Since the planning of the 4-year undergraduate curriculum in 2006, TDGs have been strategically redirected to initiatives which are pertinent to the undergraduate curriculum reform and the University’s strategic directions for Teaching and Learning. The UGC’s Audit Report (2009) affirms that “TDGs are a major contributor to quality enhancement in teaching and learning at HKU. The University invests significant sums in addition to those received from the UGC – this clearly signals HKU’s commitment and encouragement to support improvements to curricula and teaching”.

Staff members may submit TDG proposals any time during the academic year, which will be processed in batches. For details, please refer to the latest call circular.

TDG project holders are required to submit annual progress reports and a final report upon completion of the project.