T&L Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement

Teaching Excellence Award Scheme

The Teaching Excellence Award Scheme (TEAS) was introduced in 2008 as an enhancement of the previous University Teaching Fellowship Scheme. The UGC's Audit Report (2009) has commended the University on its system of teaching awards. TEAS reaffirms the University's commitment to recognizing, rewarding and promoting excellence in teaching. The TEAS comprises the University Distinguished Teaching Award, Outstanding Teaching Award, Teaching Innovation Award and the Early Career Teaching Award. Further information about the Scheme and previous award winners are accessible at the University's Teaching and Learning website.

The deadline for nomination in 2018 is October 5, 2018. For details, please refer to the call circular from the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) dated May 14, 2018.

UGC Teaching Award

The UGC Teaching Award was introduced in 2011 to honour staff in the higher education sector who excel in teaching, and to signal the importance attached by the UGC to quality teaching and learning. Currently, the UGC Teaching Award consists of two categories: (1) general Faculty members/teams; and (2) early career Faculty members (open to individuals only). The University is invited annually to nominate up to three individuals/teams, including up to two nominations for the category of general Faculty members/teams and no more than one nomination for the category of early career Faculty members. Applications for 2018 are now invited from teaching excellence award winners. For details, please refer to the University's T&L website: http://tl.hku.hk/staff/ugc-teaching-award/.

The University is very glad that its teachers' deep dedication and outstanding contributions in enhancing student learning are well recognised in the sector. The following teachers were honoured with the UGC Teaching Awards:

  • Professor Rick Glofcheski of the Faculty of Law in 2011 (inaugural)
  • Dr. David Pomfret of the Faculty of Arts in 2012
  • Mr. John Lin of the Faculty of Architecture in 2014
  • Dr. Michael Botelho of the Faculty of Dentistry in 2015

In addition, very positive feedback has been received from the UGC on other nominees over the years. Further details are available at http://tl.hku.hk/staff/ugc-teaching-award/.